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The High Ground SPOILERS
A woman, with hard, striking features and strangely unfitting soft tendrils of brown hair approached the graves, booted feet crushing the gravel with her steady purposeful steps. She hadn't been to this place in twenty six years, and she couldn't help but despise the fact that her return had to be for all the wrong reasons. She could barely accept what it was she was going to see, for she had never stepped foot near the neat, lovingly tended graves before, she had arranged painstakingly to be left alone, to be left at peace.
“Shh, shh, precious, nearly there now.” She cooed over the baby held wrapped tightly in her arms. He was everything to her. Just as she hoped to be everything to him. For they had no one but each other, only grief riddled memories and futile, torturous regret Andromeda thanked God the child was never to know.
The graveyard was a beautiful place, Dumbeldore's tomb stood at the front, a proud, immaculate resting place for the only Hogwart's headmaster to wi
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The Afterlife
The afterlife and what Jack Friar found there
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For those who are of a religious persuasion, and believe in off-kilter factions of Christianity no one can find a pronounceable name for, there may be an alternative to the somewhat extreme categories of heaven or hell, essentially adding a third option to 'so, what goes on after yer die then?'
Visions of this unnamed, due to it's total lack of distinguishing features, place are generally of a gray, endless stretching nothing. They're half way correct, but describing it as an endless, stretching call station with innumerable partitions resulting in an eternity of isolation where those who suffer from it are not even aware of the feeling would be more apt.
The denizens of both heaven and hell viewed 'the place' with a significant measure of disgust, both viewing it as 'mediocre' 'dull' and 'utterly unremarkable', for when the afterlife for a significant mind boggling figure of lifeforms gener
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United Kingdom
Current Residence: England
Favourite photographer: Cecil Beaton
One of my good buddies, CarbonDrake, suggested I should offer commissions. I don’t really know if anyone would be interested, but I thought I’d offer up my services in case anybody is.

I’ll happily colour anything you can throw at me, be it drawing or photo, although I am more use to colouring photographs, I do have some experiencing with colouring drawings too. If you have any family photos or anything that you would like to see coloured, just send them over.

A warning with regards to quality, how well a colourisation comes out depends largely on the sharpness of the original, if the original photo is out of focus, faded or damaged in some way it will be harder to colour.

As I’ve never done this before, I’m not really sure what prices to put up, but I don’t believe in extortion or anything so hopefully the prices I’m offering will seem reasonable:

Item with one subject: £1 ($2 in USD)

Item with two/three subjects: £1.50 ($3 in USD)

Item with more than three subjects: £2.00 ($4 in USD)

Right now, I will only be able to send you the images digitally because I lack the resources to make good quality print-outs, but if I find a good printer on campus, I will happily offer print-outs for an extra fee.

I accept payment via Paypal, and if you wish to get a piece coloured, note me with a link to the piece and I’ll note you back with the address to send your money to and how much it should cost.

Hopefully my gallery will show you what I can do, but if you have any questions, just ask via note!

Best Wishes





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child-of-aros Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:hug: hey there how are you, hope things are going well in your life
annawestall Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2011
Hi there,

I hope you’re well. I'm writing from a television production company in London and we are working on a pitch idea to take to our commissioners here, and we are looking for some sketches to go with the pitch.

Would you be interested in doing some for us? If it needs to be developed more then we would love to work with you further, but at the moment we need 3 sketches of cartoon-like cars (similar to Mario Bros Karts) which reflect personalities of the drivers, for instance a cat-woman car for a femme fatale, a bed car for a lazy guy, a fluffy pink car for the girlie girl…

Also a drawing of a race track around a 3D city.

Would this be something you could help us with? We are looking for these to be done asap so it would be great if you could sketch a couple as your website obviously shows you are very talented and seem to be ideal with what we are looking for

Thanks, I hope to hear from you very soon

Simokaos Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2010
Thanks for the fav on "Memories of a Dreamer - bw" :aww:
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Thank you for adding my Ponyo piece to your favourites. C:
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:glomp: just a hug because i havent said anything to you in a very long time
TheLastUnicornLives Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2009
Aww, thanks!

Sorry for how long it took me to get back, I don't check DA as much as I should now I can't post my colourisations :p!

I hope your well!

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